I want to talk about my best friend his name's Pablo. his tall and he has short curly dark hair and black eyes and he has nice smile, indeed he's very friendly and good-looking.
He usually gets up at 6 A.M, it's early, I know, because he's a morning man unlike me I'm a night owl, but we have a similarity to each other I mean Pablo and me are light sleeper, if we hear any noises we wake up right away.
he seldom watches TV instead he listens to music specially old Farsi and French songs. a funny thing to say sometimes he sings while walking, this time is very cut.
He speaks several languages including English and Turkish fluently and of curse he speaks a little Chinese. you see he's very talent.
He doesn't have a car because he doesn't need it and unfortunately he doesn't like driving, but he has enough money to buy a car.
two of his strengths are that he's healthy so he doesn't smoke and I'm happy about that, and when we have a Date he's never late, lucky me.
Pablo is a businessman, he's very hard-working and he even goes to work on weekends. he sometimes goes on business trips to China and Dubai. he has many friends in different countries.
in the end I have to say he's my family and I love him. 

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